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Silver Half Shekel Replica Coin

Silver Half Shekel Replica Coin

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Each year before Purim, we fulfill the mitzvah of giving a half shekel to charity (זכר למחצית השקל). Most synagogues use three half currency coins (e.g., half dollars). However, there is an additional custom to take money equal to the amount of silver in the half shekel coins used in the times of the Temple and donate that money to those in Israel1

This coin is made of 10 grams of 99.9% pure silver, which is enough silver to satisfy even the most stringent prevalent opinion of the size of an ancient half shekel2. It is intended to be used by synagogues, where attendees can buy the coin for the current value of 10 grams of silver (see live price per gram here), then donate the coin back for the next person to use. 

The design is a replica of the half shekel coin from the third year of the Judaean rebellion (68-69 CE).  The obverse side says "half shekel" in Paleo-Hebrew script around an Omer measuring cup, while the reverse says "Jerusalem the Holy" around a pomegranate sprig.

Each coin measures 20mm diameter. Coins come in a protective white foam gasket inside an acrylic capsule. The capsule is placed in a blue velvet display box.

NOTE: the same product is offered at two different prices. We are offering this at cost for ritual use only. Please only select the cheaper price if you are buying to donate this coin to a synagogue for ritual use. 


1 Maharil, Hilchos Purim

2 Approximately 9.6 grams, according to the Chazon Ish and R' Naeh. This is based on the measurement of a פרוטה at 0.025g, where there are 384 פרוטות in a half shekel. 

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