About Us

Offbeat Judaica is your home for unique Judaica creations and other whimsical items to surprise and delight.

Our offerings are the product of extensive research into, and love of traditional Jewish texts, religion, and culture. They draw further inspiration from sources like STEM, magic, creative typography, puzzles, and kitsch. 

Everything sold is developed completely in-house and manufactured in small quantities. We are committed to charging fair prices with reasonable markups. If something looks expensive, it's because it was expensive to make. 

The "Knaytsh"

We focus on making items that are different than anything else out there. You could say that each of our products has a "knaytsh," an untranslatable Yiddish word that means something like "nuance" or "clever bit." There are plenty of other Judaica makers and most people already have enough stuff; something had better be truly unique to be worth adding it to the world.

Why Do This?

A message from the designer, Rami Genauer:

This all started in 2016 with the Jewish Wisdom Ball, a ten-year labor of love to make a Magic 8 Ball that said, "Feh." I figured I couldn't be the only one who might want one, and a business was born. Every product since has been something I wished I could buy, but didn't yet exist. The goal is to bring these ideas to life, but also to learn from the research and development along the way. This site is the respectable, corporate veneer for whatever idiotic ideas come next.