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Screaming Baby Dice

Screaming Baby Dice

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It's the world's best baby shower gift! Just roll the dice to reveal one of 36 possible explanations for why your baby is crying. With those odds, they're at least as accurate as a new parent's intuition.

After many years of in-depth study and using sophisticated statistical analysis techniques, research shows that babies cry a lot. But a few years of semi-attentive parenting also indicate that they don't cry for that many reasons. It's certainly possible that your baby is crying because she's pondering the unbearable ennui that is life in this modern age, but she also might be hungry.

Screaming Baby Dice come in your choice of pink and blue versions. These oversize dice measure 22mm to a side (standard gaming dice are 16mm). The whimsical designs are intended to distract you from the fact that your baby will probably keep crying no matter what you do. But check out the whimsy!

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