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Rebus Afikoman Bag

Rebus Afikoman Bag

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The word Afikoman is an enigma. While clearly Greek in origin, there is no consensus about its original meaning, with opinions ranging from it referring to sweet desserts, drunken revelry, or even to mushrooms1

Bring some of that mystery back to the Afikoman with this bag that shows a rebus (a series of images and symbols used to depict a word) of the word Afikoman. See if the kids at your Seder can figure out the puzzle before your nephew steals it, hides it, then falls asleep without telling anyone where he put it2

The bag comes in two versions: English only (printed on one side with a blank back) and bilingual, with the English design on one side and the Hebrew design on the other. 

If you're stumped, the English side reads: _offee : Comb : Men

The Hebrew side reads (from right to left)3: אף : אי : קומה + ן

Each bag measures 8x10 inches.


1 Talmud Yerushalmi Pesachim 10:6

2 It's behind the couch. It's always behind the couch.

3 The Hebrew translation of Nose : Island : Floor + n

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