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Angel of Death Salt Shaker

Angel of Death Salt Shaker

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Dad joke enthusiasts and goth kids may not agree about much. Let this pun-inspired salt shaker bridge the intergenerational divide and make your Shabbos and holiday gatherings into smooth, harmonious affairs, free of any heated discussions about what may or may not be "just a phase."1 

The Hebrew word for angel (malach) is just one vowel sound away from the word for salt (melach). The rest kind of writes itself. Makes a perfect addition to Passover Seders, where the Angel of Death makes a cameo appearance during the Chad Gadya song2

The design is printed directly on the glass. Hand wash gently to avoid damaging the print. 

Measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.75 inches and holds enough salt to make even burnt matzoh taste decent.


1 Dad jokes are not a phase, they're a lifestyle. 

2 He slaughters the slaughterer before being slaughtered himself. How macabre!

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